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September 19, 2011 / Rahul Sharma

New mini site for a client

I recently got this client who wanted a site for his tiny Video Production company called Goose Bumps Motion Pictures. So when I first approached him, he told me that he wanted something very simple and minimalistic for now, since the main site will be made later. So for now he just wanted a mini site. He also explained me the entire design and the style, so I didn’t have to make much use of my creativity here, since I just did what he wanted.

So here is the screenshot of the mini-site I created of him, screenshot

You can check out the live site at

Feel free to give me your feedback. Comment on this post to ask me anything. Good and bad comments and both welcome 🙂

UPDATE: I personally myself dislike this design, but since this is exactly what the client wanted me to do, so I did it. The client had sketched me up this design. And also when this site was completed, he was very pleased and happy with it. So client is king 🙂