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About Me

What’s up!

I’m Rahul Sharma, founder and lead designer of Devs and Designs – a web & graphic design studio situated in the metro capital of Bombay, India. I love making websites and I love typography.

I also love photography and messing around with all the things made by Apple. I still use an Android though, an HTC Sensation – only because I absolutely love all that eye candy HTC has put into it (well its battery life disappoints a lot). I mostly work on my Mac (2010 Macbook White) but also use the PC, mostly only when I have work on Corel Draw. I still prefer Corel Draw instead of Illustrator, since I find Corel more easier to use and work with.

I also make websites that work with WordPress, since its such a great publishing platform. Apart from work, when I am free, you will always find me searching and collecting images on different sports cars and choppers… Yeah I love these machines! I am also fond of playing pool. So if you ever have some free time, you can give me a call and we’ll grab a glass a beer and play pool together 😉

So anyways this is my blog where I will keep posting stuff related to my work and also stuff not related to my work. Here, you can also see all the different stuff I work on. If you wanna hire me for your project then you can just send me an email at me [at] pyrocguy [dot] com


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